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About Us

Oman Banks Association (OBA) is a non-profit professional association created to represent the banking sector, to promote Omani banking activities, coordinate with the Regulators on matters of policy and strategy, and to support banking excellence in Oman. The Association was formed based on the Ministry of Social Development’s approval number 113/2014, dated 21st May, 2014.

Board of Directors

The OBA Board of Directors (BoD) comprises of 12 members, representing member banks. The BoD meets every quarter. Minutes of the meetings are circulated to member banks, the Central Bank of Oman, and the Ministry of Social Development. The current Chairman of the BoD is Mr. Waleed Khamis Al Hashar, Chief Executive, Bank Muscat.

Furthermore, the BoD established an Executive Committee (EC) to oversee the operations of the Association. The EC comprises of 5 members, and is currently Chaired by Mr. Ahmed Al Musalmi.


Ali Hassan Moosa

Chief Executive Officer

Joined OBA in June, 2017, having 24 years of experience in banking as well as the private commercial sector.  Ali holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and an MBA.

Marwa Murad Al Zadjali

Projects & Events Manager

Joined OBA in August, 2017. Marwa holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, and Human Resource Managment.

Laila Salim Al Saadi

Office Manager

Joined OBA in October, 2018. Laila holds a Bachelor Degree in Forensic Science and Analysis Chemistry.


OBA has 6 Specialised Committees that meet on a regular basis, discuss matters of common interest to the Omani banking industry, and put forward their recommendations. Minutes of the various Committees are presented to both the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors. Each of the Committees have a rotating Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary.







Working Groups

Cyber Security


Member banks can nominate their executive staff to become members of the Association. Currently, 192 bankers are members of the Association. Members have the right to vote and elect Board members at the Annual General, and the Extraordinary General Meetings of the Association.

Supplier Guidelines

OBA is proud to support Small, and Medium Enterprise (SME), by awarding services, and supplier contracts to Omani SMEs so to encourage, and promote this vital segment of the Economy.

Our Objectives & Mission


Protect the reputation of the banking sector through working with the Central Bank and all banks.


Seek to apply full transparency through the application of domestic and international banking rules in cooperation with the Central Bank and all banks to present the position of the Sultanate as a regional and global financial hub.


Promote the activities of banks in Oman at the local and international levels.


Coordinate with the Central Bank and other bodies on matters relating to the banking laws, regulations, and policies and promote the best practices within the banking sector.


Support training and vocational qualification programs in the banking sector.


Work as a meeting point and a channel of communication among licensees and other parties on matters and issues of concern to the banking sector.


Develop strategies and initiatives towards the development of the status of the Sultanate and its reputation in the banking sector on the global level.


Strengthen the links between executives in the banking sector through the formation of specialized committees, membership of stakeholders and specializations of various banks.


Coordinate with the Central Bank and all banks to develop a Code of Best Practices on Credit Facilities granted to clients and bank charges to ensure conformity with the interests of bank clients.


OBA offers great career opportunities for employees at all levels. The experience attained while at the job will include banking industry knowledge. For inquiries, please fill-up the below form. Note that due to the high number of inquiries, OBA does not guarantee a personal response to every inquiry.